Patrick uses his 7 years of professional experience working with professional caliber goalie coaches and his 15 years of coaching experience to provide goalies of all ages and skill sets with the training and development required to find their own version of success. Patrick uses a hybrid teaching model that teaches the fundamentals of goaltending while also nurturing and encouraging the athletic ability required to be an elite goalie. Patrick encourages accountability, work ethic, and objectivity and believes that the best way to get a goalie to improve is for them to enjoy working hard and putting in the work.

To provide high-quality and accessible development to goalies of all ages and skill sets based on the foundations of accountability, Integrity and transparency. Create an atmosphere where goalies feel safe to challenge themselves in a safe environment while allowing both the freedom and guidance to become the best versions of themselves both on and off the ice.

  • Accountability

    As a goalie, you are on an island in the sense that very few people understand the dynamic, nuance and complications involved with the position. Patrick shines a light on this issue by making goalies cognizant that the truest way to improve your ability is to hold yourself accountable for your effort. In this position, you get what you put in.

  • Integrity

    Patrick uses his experience with NHL, OHL, European, and Canadian University hockey to provide goalies with mentorship and advice to encourage personal growth both on and off the ice. Patrick and the goalie are responsible for creating an atmosphere that encourages personal growth, professional growth, acceptance, open-mindedness, and fun.

  • Transparency

    Patrick believes that open and honest communication with both goalies and parents is the best way to build professional relationships that nurture honesty and trust. Goaltending, by nature, comes with some incredibly rewarding highs, but it also comes with some of the most difficult times you can have in sports. Patrick believes that open communication of these challenges prior to experiencing them allows goalies to have the tools to deal with adversity, rejection, performance anxiety and bad performances.

  • Process

    Goaltending is a results-driven position, but that doesn’t mean every ice session needs instant results. Patrick creates an atmosphere where the process of professional and personal development is the primary focus. To put yourself in a position to have success, you must first define what success means to you. What follows is an incredibly rewarding journey that allows goalies to achieve their version of success through hard work, challenging themselves and trusting the process. Through this process, goalies will be ready to succeed at the right time and place.